How to report bugs? Do you have an issue tracker?

Hi. We think we have identified a bug in BalenaOS. Now what?

This topic is not about the specific bug, but how to report bugs or other issues we might identify in BalenaOS, the Balena cloud dashboard, API, engine, or any other part of the Balena infrastructure. We can’t find a bug/issue tracker.

My colleague is currently reporting the bug on your “Live Chat”, but that feels rather unsatisfactory. E.g. how to share with colleagues? How to check its status?

(As a side note, the bug is, that under certain conditions, NetworkManager’s connectivity check times out without result, rather than detecting that the Ethernet uplink has failed, and that the default route needs to be changed over to WWAN. But as previously mentioned, this bug is just illustrating the need for a bug reporting facility)


thanks for your request. If you want to report a bug to the balenaOS I’ like to refer you to our open Github repository issue tracker here: Issues · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub
Dependent on the plan you have booked, according to our pricing information here: Pricing, we offer different support channels.

When you have already started a support conversation with us, we will follow up there with you or your colleague.

Best Regards

Hopefully that answers it. Adding onto what my colleague mentioned, if you have any features you want to see at balena then you can open a feature request on our newly released roadmap,

We have plenty of requests already there and you might find some interesting ones to upvote too.