Feature requests -- where do we post them?


For example, how about a set of option tags for forum posts?
Start with every feature/step that Balena has:

  • delta updates
  • git push
  • persistent storage
  • external storage
  • usb devices
  • network
  • wireless network


Hi Jason,
I have forwarded your questions / feature requests to the back end team.
Our support schedule is ending at 24:00 UTC so I guess you will hear from us tomorrow…


Heya, not sure if my message for shared here before, so re-posting:

Heya !
The typical flow for us is to monitor forums and paid support channels and then extract feature requests from there.
Then we record all of them in a non-public (sorry!) github issues place and then we start working on some of them.
Most of the implementation work is public though so then we link to the public github issues in the relevant repositories and public PRs to them.
There is also more broad-strokes roadmap that is publicly available here - https://trello.com/b/9CSzdCXQ/balena-product-roadmap

So, basically keep them coming here on the forums and we will record them for you and keep you posted on the implementation :slight_smile: