how to list a container a service on the web portal

Hi guys, sorry im new to balena, I was wondering how do I show my downloaded container as a service in the cloud to stop and start it. I did not deploy the container via push, but pulled it from docker hub. The container runs fine and I am able to access it but it would be nice to be able to mange it as a service.

Let me know thanks



Welcome to the forum! Can you explain the situation a bit more?

As I understand you downloaded a container from dockerhub - and that runs on your machine. And now you want to make that run on your balenaOS device. Is that right?

Have you installed the balena CLI? Once you have a docker-compose.yml file in a folder, you can go to that folder and to a balena push AppName, and that will deploy the relevant containers to devices in your app.


Thanks for your reply, I have installed the CLI now and understand its the preferred deployment method. What I think my issue was, I had done a docker pull on the host device and started the container not realising that it wouldn’t include the hypervisor, from which as I believe is responsible for the monitoring of the service. I will try download and re-deploy the container via the CLI tool.


Hey there - did you manage to get up and running?