How to install chrome browser on Balena host os


I want to install a Chrome browser on Balena host os and need to open the browser on boot.

However, I have googled, but I did not get any solution.

Can anybody please help me?

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The Balena hostOS is what runs your containers, you don’t install anything in it.

You can run a full desktop in a container following this guide
Adapt it to install chrome and run it on boot.
I doubt chrome is available in the debian repos, but you can install the chromium-browser package.

If you don’t want a full desktop but only a full screen web browser on a raspberry pi, we have this project:

We also have a blog post on how to create a web frame with balena-wpe here (if you’re using a raspberry pi)

Hi @zvin,

Balena-wpe project worked for me. Thanks.

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