job offer: looking for a freelance to intergrate our code in Docker containers on BalenaOS


We are a bit busy and we are looking for some help about moving our code from raspberry pi with raspbian to BalenaOS.

Feel free to ask me more details.


Integrating two components of our embedded system to work on BalenaOS. Our device uses a raspberry pi and runs a chromium navigator in KIOSK-mode and a separate process of C++ app performing which embeds jobs and networking.


Our embedded software is composed of:

  • A chromium web browser which displays the GUI via web interface on a 27” touch screen in portrait orientation and uses HTML + Javascript + websocket + show video.
  • An embedded software in C++ Qt5 in console mode, whose purposes are collecting measures from physical sensor, driving physical elements (such as: electromagnetic latch, thermal printer, and point of sale), receiving instructions from remote server (http polling),and executing orders. It also runs a local websocket server, the browser connects to the websocket in order to exchange directly.

We would like to integrate both components in BalenaOS as 2 distinct Docker containers.


  • Provide a browser container in KIOSK-mode to display our actual GUI
  • Measure resource consumption of the browser (RAM, CPU) and also while video rendering.
  • Export docker ports to enable websocket communication between the browser and the embedded app.
  • Operate the software parts in a multi-container
  • Propose a docker-compose.yml to add more containers, ex: message queue storing untransmited data for retry.
  • Record Docker commands, registry, and setup
  • Deploy with gitlab + CI
  • Test the BalenaOS bootloader switch A+B with upgrade and records
  • Provide a monitoring for global network bandwidth
  • Examine collection of data, loss of connection, and retransmission in cloud storage
  • Manage asynchronous tasks (crontab)


I currently already do most of this in my day job. That project has a web app that runs a large hydraulics machine and runs a sensing container that reads the weights and runs the solenoids so opening a cash drawer or vending machine door is easy. Also I have experience with continuous integration and I can help your team setup a build pipeline where you can continue to work on code and not care about what is happening to make it a docker container or even how it gets put on the devices. I can help you in my spare time which is plentiful with this project.

You just need an electron browser running in a container on its own, and a container for your sensing software and sockets server.

Hi Sylvain,

I’m with the Customer Success team at Balena. I will be reaching out via different channels to help you frame the scope of work required. We obviously welcome any further contributions to this thread from our user community.


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