How to delete services?

I tried getting started instructions. There, I push balena-hello-world.
Now I want to delete it.

I tried to remove by flashing the storage. But, it was installed again when I connected.
I purged but service doesn’t removed.

Is there anybody who can help me?

Thank you.

Hello @hninmaung welcome to the balena community!

why do you need to delete it? if you would like to deploy another application on the device/fleet, just deploy with balena (using balenaHub, the Deploy with balena button or the balena CLI).

Let us know if this works.

Hello, @mpous. My apologies.

Rocky mistake.
I found out the new services pushed were taken place in the place of olds.
Thank you for your kind reply.

I’ll still need to learn about multiple containers because I want to know more about it.
Have a great day.

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This is great @hninmaung

BTW if you would like to learn more, this masterclasses are gold → Masterclass Overview - Balena Documentation