How to classify socks using a Raspberry Pi, Edge Impulse, and balena

Hello @stratosb Today Edge Impulse pushed a PR on their repository and now it should work. Could you please check on 32 or 64 bits?

Keep us updated :slight_smile:

Ok, I will.
Thank you.

Hi @mpous,
I deployed again the EdgeImpulse ML Model on raspberry pi 3 with balena and works correctly.
It displays the three states I have specified: pair, unpair and unknown
Thank you

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Regarding the balenaOS version, the dashboard displays only the following three versions when adding a new device:

So I don’t know which version is the 32-bit or 64-bit balenaOS.
For this project I chose the recommended version, which is v2.58.3+rev1

If I wish to retrain the learning model with more pairs of socks, how can I deploy the new EdgeImpulse ML Model on the raspberry pi?
What I do now it to delete the device from the balena dashboard, download the new balenaOS image and flash it again to my SD card.
Is there a simpler and faster way to do it?
Thank you

@stratosb When you select the device architecture (e.g. Raspberry Pi 3 (32 bits)) then you select the compatible balenaOS versions and supervisor versions. You can see the recommended versions here

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@stratosb as far as i know, you will need to reboot your device after retraining the model. Then automatically will download the latest version of the model to the device. Is it not working for you?

I will try it, thank you