How does the auto-update work?


Etcher has an auto-update option - does anyone know how this works, i.e. when it does the update?

I’ve checked the option, but there is no sign of Etcher being updated (I’m currently on v1.5.30 on Windows), and no way that I can see to get it to check if it is up to date.



Hi there,

We’re currently re-working the auto-update system on etcher. With the new system we will be able to trigger the auto-update once a specific version is out.

This means that it will not automatically download every single new version that we produce (as this would cause a lot of noise). Instead we will pick the versions that will trigger the auto-update, after an evaluation of the stability and presence of new features.

This doesn’t stop you from manually downloading the latest version from either Github or the balenaEtcher homepage, however.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @hedss!

So, with v1.5.30, can I rely on Etcher to update itself when balena decides that’s appropriate, or will I need to manually update to a later version to get the new system?



Yes v1.5.30 will receive auto-updates once the next version is marked as auto-updatable.
Your balenaEtcher will check for updates on each startup and while running (in which case it will install the update on the next startup).
You should keep in mind though that deb | rpm installations do not have auto-update enabled. For those installation methods, updated will be rolled out using the respective repositories.


Thanks @thgreasi!