Auto update request

I saw a couple of posts about this topic in 2019. Is their a way to have the software at least look to see if their is a new update that can be installed when you load their program??\

Hey there! What OS system and installation mechanism are you using? Etcher should, by default (unless you are on GNU/Linux and using deb or rpm packages), check for updates on startup and provide a modal to ask you to update if needed. Can you check if update notifications are enabled in the settings page (the cog at the top right corner)?

I asked about the auto update some time ago - see and was told that it was active for the version I was using then, v1.5.30.

I waited to see if I’d get a notification, but never did, so I manually updated to v1.5.59. This has also never got any notifications about updates, so as there seem to have been a lot of changes, I’m just about to manually update again.

I’ve checked the settings and auto-updates are enabled.

In the discussion of my earlier question I was told that the auto updater would only be triggered for some releases. I’d find it useful if the versions that should automatically update were identified in the release notes.

I’m running Etcher on Windows 10.

Hi @drghughes

Can you please let us know which package type you’re using? One of our Etcher engineers has indicated that auto-updates are only expected to work on the Installer version, not the Portable version.

Thank you, and kind regards

Thanks for getting back to me @AlidaOdendaal.

I download the Download for Windows (x86|x64) version that appears by default at - current file is balenaEtcher-Setup-1.5.79.exe. I then run that file to install it. It installs in %appdata% - its choice not mine, as I hate programmes that do that, but the installer doesn’t give me any other options.

Hopefully you can figure out from that whether this is the Installer or Portable version.

If I’m using the wrong one, where do I get the right one?

Hopefully you can figure out from that whether this is the Installer or Portable version.

It’s the Installer variant. The Portable one has a corresponding suffix in the name.

Our team that maintains Etcher acknowledged that there is a problem with the auto-update implementation. We’ll update this thread once we have news on the fix.