Suggestion copy a SD to DIsk

The Disk image to SD works well, but I need to archive my SD’s, so
a SD -> disk copy is needed.

Hey @Bonzadog, you can backup your sd card.

Check this post here


Thank you, but I did know that - I mainly use Win32Diskmanager for
SD -> disk.
Since I use Escher to copy img to sd and I would like to use one
programme for both reading and writing
instead of two as I am now doing.

Hello, Etcher is for writing images to SD cards. Creating images from SD cards is a completely different story that doesn’t necessarily fall into Etcher’s ballpark. However, I’ll make an internal ticket to track your feature request. Thanks for reaching out!

Thank you, but since Win32Diskmanager does both directions perhaps adding this at some future date would be advantageous.