HomePod Mini & Teufel out of sync

Hey all,

My goal was to create a sort of surround output (mostly for music) at the same time (in the same room). So I could still use both speakers and have more and fuller sound in the room.

The good news is that after 2 nights of fiddling it works! :slight_smile: Older topics helped me allot to get it working

The bad news is that there is a delay of 2-3 seconds between the speakers, which makes listening to music uncomfortable. The homepod is always ahead of the Teufel with RPI.
My setup:

  • A new Apple HomePod Mini
  • Teufel Ultima 20 Kombo (my old setup), connected via RP4

Can’t really find any solution via the forum.

Guidance is much appreciated!

Kind regards,