homeassistant download keeps restarting


I’m following this tutorial: https://www.balena.io/blog/monitor-air-quality-around-your-home-with-home-assistant-and-balena/ and everything works fine until it’s time to download homeassistant.
The download seems to go fine, but everytime it gets restarted for no apparent reason (maybe an issue with mosquitto?). It seems to me that everytime the download restarts, it does not delete the previous downloaded files, which means that after a while, it fills the whole sd card.

This is what I see in the logs everytime is restarted (in this case it restarted at 11:18):

19.09.20 11:12:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510338: mosquitto version 1.6.12 running
19.09.20 11:18:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510698: mosquitto version 1.6.12 starting
19.09.20 11:18:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510698: Config loaded from /mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf.
19.09.20 11:18:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510698: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
19.09.20 11:18:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510698: Opening ipv6 listen socket on port 1883.
19.09.20 11:18:18 (+0100) mqtt 1600510698: mosquitto version 1.6.12 running
19.09.20 11:18:59 (+0100) Downloading image ‘registry2.balena-cloud.com/v2/6715c2acf6769f52547208532b29754a@sha256:ffa2428534a8068d3b554b522276b18bb92a3013054a53f2337a7b043f7d21db

Is there any workaround this? is it possible to install home assistant manually?


Hi, welcome to the forums. This should not happen, could you please share some more details about your setup to get us a better overview?

  • What device are you using?
  • What size is your SD card?
  • How much time does it take before the download restarts?


Sorry for the long time to answer, I missed this.

I have a Rapsberry Pi 3, the SD card size is 64 Gb, and the download restarts consistently every 7 minutes (around 7 minutes and 20 seconds).

More info in case it can be useful:

[balenaOS 2.47.0+rev1]



Would you also be able to run the diagnostics for your device? This will give us some detailed information that may us pinpoint the problem.

Sure, this is the output from the diagnostics:

283b69fe30907bd33810cbc310877f96_2020.09.27_15.29.28+0000.log (607.2 KB)

I’m happy to grant support access, however I need a window of time so I can turn on the device (if I leave it on it will try to download the img continuously, until it fills the sd card).

Thanks for the help.


I managed to fixed it by adding the following line to the mosquitto configuration (/mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf):

pid_file /var/run/mosquitto.pid


Ah, happy to hear that you fixed it.