Balena-Home Assistant

I’m new to the Belena Cloud system and looking to use this system to manage a fleet of Home-Assistant RPI 4 devices. I found the article from Dec on how to deploy home assistant, and that worked well. Now, home assistant has come out with an update, and when trying to connect to the homeassistant service on the RPI console within my application, and running the command to locally update home assistant application, it looks like it works, but when when trying to re-connect to the application, it shows that it didn’t update. It’s almost as if the file system lets you write changes, but the changes don’t take place. Are there any examples on how one would go about updating the application without any data loss? Short of deleting the application and starting over again, I’m not so sure.



Hello Brian, welcome to the forums!

Because your instance of Home Assistant is running in a container, it will revert back to the version that was current when you originally pushed it. That’s why your update seems to work but then disappears - likely after the container restarts. So instead of updating Home Assistant from within the container or application/UI, you can simply re-push the whole project from the CLI like you did originally. Since the base image in the homeassistant/Dockerfile is tagged “stable” it will take the most recent stable version.

Your personal Home Assistant data is on a persistent volume so it should remain unchanged after you push the new version. Let us know if you need any further details about this process.


Thanks for that information. So I’ve been experimenting with these builds, and now i’ve gotten to the point where i’ve got 4-5 services being pushed as an application. Is there a way to NOT push updates to services that are already running, but only update the service within an application? I.E I want to update the node-red service in Home Assistant application, but not mqtt, and home assistant services. From what I can tell, I have to push all the services in the docker-compose file every time I want to update a single service.

Hi Brian, hope all is going well. If you only make changes to one service, only those changes will be built and deployed - it may seem like all services are being updated but they are the same images, nothing new is being built or downloaded. Hope this helps!