Heartbeat Only Minecraft Server

Hi folks!

I’m quite new to all this and wanted to make a Minecraft server for some friends and me. I’m following the balena guide but I’m stuck on a small hiccup. The dashboard shows the device as active but in a ‘heartbeat only’ state. I know that means it’s connected to API only and not the balena VPN. The guide gives a few options for troubleshooting but nothing specific to the ‘heartbeat only’ state. Any help is appreciated and I’m happy to provide screenshots of anything to help.


EDIT: It switches between ‘heartbeat only’ and online now.

Hi there,
“Heartbeat only” means as you said that the device is connected to the API but cannot communicate with our VPN. This usually depends on a firewall blocking the connection. This might be helpful Network Setup on balenaOS 2.x - Balena Documentation to check all the configurations.

Would this still apply if it switches between heartbeat only and online? It’s been on for about 30 minutes and has switched between the two a few times.

@axlotl1 Thanks for getting back to us. You’ll probably want to ensure your network settings are configured properly. Esp. so that your gameplay experience isn’t interrupted or bogged down. I’d check out that network requirements guide that my teammate recommended if you haven’t yet.

It’s been on for about 30 minutes and has switched between the two a few times.

Just to be clear, is it up and running, but you’re seeing the device flutter between statuses? Or are you still setting things up?

I’m having some issues in the setup after pushing code to the Pi, but the device stays in the online status for a while, but every once in a while it will go to heartbeat only and I turn it off and on and it usually fixes it after some time.

@axlotl1 how is your device connected? Ethernet? WiFi? Looks like the connectivity with your router has some issues. Tell us more about your connectivity.

Apologies for not answering. It’s over wifi but it seems to have fixed itself.