raspi Online (Heartbeat Only), can't log in

hi, i’m getting a message Online (Heartbeat Only) when logging into my raspi zero w. what does this mean? the last time i logged in was several days ago (3/26/2020, it appears) and all was fine. right now, i can’t log in and the public url does not show the normal welcome screen. this raspi is in another city and not something i can powercycle. i don’t know if it’s a WiFi problem; if it is, how can the heartbeat be working? could this be a temporary wifi glitch?


update: the device came back up online. uptime says 21:11:19 up 13 days, 5:26, 0 users, load average: 0.80, 0.66, 0.64, which is good. it probably means that there was a problem with the WiFi. however, what does “heartbeat only” mean? thanks!

HI @mahesh1, Heartbeat shows that a device could reach balena API’s HTTP endpoints. The device might have disabled connection to balena VPN server, or because of a connection issue (or firewall), the device might not access to our VPN server although it’s still online.

Using the default configuration values, the heartbeat state changes in a slower cadence than VPN connectivity state. By default, the device makes VPN connectivity checks every 2 minutes while the heartbeat check happens every 15 minutes. So in your case, probably the device went actually offline but it got online before the heartbeat check reported a state change.

Hope this clarifies. We just released out this visual display and we plan to document it in our pages in the next days. Thanks for asking.