Hardware Pioneers


Hardware Pioneers is a meetup series in London with pretty good IoT focused line-up/talks pretty much every month. If you are in town, that’s good to check out!

Their schedule is usually:

  • have a handful of talks; 3-4, each about 20 minutes
  • community announcement; people from the audience can go up the stage and tell everyone in 2 minutes if they are working on something, hiring, looking for support, looking for projects, want to share some success, etc…
  • networking; eat, drink, and talk to people in the industry

@mccollam was speaking at an earlier event, and we had really interesting feedback from there.

Their next event is on Feb 8, "Exploring IoT Hardware Platforms with Texas Instruments, Arrow, NXP, and Leverege as speakers! Check them out, and see you hopefully there!


The upcoming Hardware Pioneers event (tomorrow, Mar 8), looks pretty good again, the all important question of getting from prototyping to production, this time involving Raspberry Pi, RS Components, and Silicon Labs.

I usually have a good evening there, both with the talks and the discussions afterwards, say hi if you are in town and you drop in!