Getting started: which guide to follow?

I am getting stated using balena and I’m a little confused as to which guide I should follow.

At this point I have been all over the place, installing the old (?) resin-cli and then switching to the new balena-cli . The new one gave me errors with rsync so I thought that maybe the problem was my environment manager (conda) so I’ve gotten rid of that and I’m getting ready to jump back in.

Before I get back into learning mode, I’d like to know which guide to follow:
this one -
or this one -

Or is there another one that I’m missing? Or should I do some sort of hybrid guide where I rely on the reference docs to translate from the commands is getting-started to the most recent ones?

Happy to do that if that’s the case, just looking for a nudge in the right direction so that I’m not spending more time learning a tool that is being retired.

Hi @cnr,

Using resin cli is deprecated and indeed you should use balena cli.

We need to update the documentation to point to this.

Using the CLI is not mandatory so you can also follow this guide that doesn’t use any:


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