Get YOCTO version of balenaOS image

Hi, Balena team.

Do you have a list of yocto versions that are used to build the balenaOS images?

For example, I have noticed that suface-go 2.54.2+rev1 image uses yocto 5.2.10.
But up-board 2.54.2+rev1 image uses yocto 4.14.76?

The full list of the yocto version for each balenaOS image would be really helpful.


Hey Shane, thats an interesting question. What exactly do you need that info for and how would you make use of it if available? I think currently there isn’t an easy way to get this, however, the yocto version names are listed on each device type in . My colleague also put together a toy project here: which allows one to browse all the packages and their versions included in each OS version for a device type, which is why I asked about what you want to use the yocto version for, since I assume you are trying to figure out exact versions of specific components?

Hi, @shaunmulligan
Thanks for your quick reply!

Yeah, I want the exact YOCTO version to install the nvidia driver manually.
Please check the Dockerfile in this thread: Enable GPU on Container

It needs the exact yocto version!


since you want to select based on kernel version, why not have a script that does something like this:

case "$(uname -r)" in
5.2.10*)   echo "5.x" ;;
4.14.76*)  echo "4.x" ;;
*)         echo "EINVAL" ;; 
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Aha, yes.

I can use that. Thanks for your tip! :+1: