New linux kernel/build for Raspberry Pi CM4

The latest version of BalenaOS for Raspberry Pi CM4 IO-board is 2.94, which uses Linux kernel 5.10. Since I’m using some new features in my solution I need to be on Linux kernel 5.15. I’ve attempted to build the image myself, using latest from GitHub - balena-os/balena-raspberrypi: Balena support for RaspberryPI boards, but I’m running into errors (are there any documentation on what’s required for the build OS?). However looking at the repo above it looks like there are Github actions to build all the board (I don’t need to customize anything at the moment, I just need a newer kernel version), but I can’t tell where the output of these build actions is going? And if the built images are not available, has anyone created a complete Dockerfile that can be used to build the image? I’ve seen some links to partial files, but they didn’t even have NodeJS in them, which is required for barys.

It took a while, but I figured out how to get it to build. I started with Ubuntu 20.04 and then I created a new Dockerfile and scripts to get it set up. I have it all in this repo: GitHub - DMXCore/BalenaOS-Build: Scripts for setting up a build for BalenaOS in docker


thanks for sharing your efforts to build the latest RaspberryPi CM4 IO-board balenaOS. I’m confused that you state version 2.94 as this was releases March 2 2022. Right now it’s version balenaOS 2.112.12 And the Linux Kernel 5.15 has been introduced on 2023-01-13:

Can you please double check our balenaOS page for cross-check that you pick the latest version of the balenaOS: Run containers on embedded edge devices - balenaOS

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I think it must’ve been very recently added, 2.94 has been the latest for the CM4 board for the longest time.