Get systemd installed in a Balena image (genericx86-64-ext-debian-node:latest-bullseye)

I upgraded the balena base image from genericx86-64-ext-debian-node:12-buster to genericx86-64-ext-debian-node:latest-bullseye and the systemd config stopped working.
The current configuration is the one here: base-images/examples/INITSYSTEM/systemd/systemd.v230 at master · balena-io-library/base-images · GitHub

I am running some services of my application, which are not starting

When I run systemctl status I get the message: is masked.

I am getting the following error in the console

Hi @damianruiz

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Are you still running into this issue?

looks like a bump in systemd version might cause that?

Can you please share your Dockerfile? This will help us confirm how you are installing the service in the container and the services you are masking