Resin/balenalib migration and systemd

Currently, I am working on a balena device which utilizes systemd based on a resin base image. This device works as expected, but I am planning to migrate this to balenalib which by default does not enable systemd as per Balenalib major change.

The migration documentation seems straightforward, but still unsure if special care must be taken when providing systemd from a balenalib image?

And since systemd is not ‘supported’ by default does the balena os team perform regression test to ensure systemd works in new balenalib images?


Fist of all, I would like to underline that systemd is removed from the base images because its main use case has been implemented with a multi-container feature. You can describe multiple services that should be running on a device with a docker-compose file and let the containers engine run them in dedicated containers.

Running systemd in your own container is still possible - there is no much difference for the containers engine, and so long as you follow our migration instructions you should not have any issues with such containers.

Let us know how the migration goes.

By use of installing-your-own-initsystem and systemd i was able to migrate from resin base image to balenalib base image.

For now the system is working as expected using multiple containers where one of these utilizes systemd initsystem.