Forking and syncing updates

Recently I forked HELIUM-RAK on Balenahub because I wanted access to the dashboard that (to my understanding) I wouldn’t have access to if I’d simply flashed their openfleet image to my device. Besides forking, I don’t plan on making any personal modifications, so I was wondering if there is a way to sync my fork with the main branch so I get their updates while retaining dashboard access.

I’ve looked around and it seems one option is to link a GitHub repo, so theoretically I could fork and sync the repo associated with this project, except that (so far) they don’t tag releases on GitHub.

Is there a simple way to keep my fork in line with the main branch, or is there a way to have Balena Dashboard access while using the image straight from here?

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Hey, keeping your fleet device in sync with the main fleet is not possible via balena-cloud as they are considered 2 separate fleets with no connection to each other. You can however use a few github actions to keep your fork in sync with the main repo and push to balena when the branch is updated. I found this github action fork sync to sync the fork. You can build/deploy your own github action GitHub - balena-io-playground/github-actions: Collection of github actions you can use to easily integrate projects with balena., There is a community action for balena push as well see balena push.

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Hello @Aiyahhh welcome to the balena community. Thank you for your message!

If you want to do it in an artisanal way, clone the github repo and maintain the helium miner service helium-rak/docker-compose.yml at f863e86d26a8ebfaa03ccc72a8dfcbf9b1d48a31 · NebraLtd/helium-rak · GitHub to the latest version. Once it is updated on your repo, just make a balena push to your fleet.

However i think my colleague’s recommendations are very good to automatize this.

@Aiyahhh let me ask you another question, as you said that you wanted to access to the dashboard. What are the features that you would like to see on a dashboard in the future if that would be available locally on your device, so you can join the Nebra’s fleet without needing to access to balenaCloud?

maybe ssh terminal? logs? services running? device metrics?


This is exactly what I’m trying to do at the moment, so thanks it reinforces that my idea will work. Unfortunately I’m very new to GitHub actions so I’m slowly putting it together. Thank you so much for this

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SSH, logs, remote access for things like rebooting, checking software version etc, resource usage. Basically what you get in balenacloud.

What I’d truly love is if more helium miner OEMs would provide a proper web UI with VPN capabilities, take a look at the Milesight UG65, it’s OpenWRT-based interface has spoiled me

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Maybe @nucleardreamer and @maggie0002 can chip in with regard to the comment about having access to a dashboard when you’re running a device in an open fleet? :slight_smile:

They have been working on a localUI block here: balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, projects, and blocks for edge devices


I’m fairly sure Nebra is locking their dashboard access behind a paywall - unless there’s a way to do this with balenacloud. I don’t particularly care about Nebra’s custom dash

Let us know how you solve this on your side! i’m sure other people from the community might be interested on your solution @Aiyahhh