Fold for Covid on a 2GB SD Card

When I found out about Fold for Covid I immediately thought of putting it on my Raspberry Pi 4. Only problem: the only spare SD Card I have is 2GB. When I started this, I put this aside and just tried it to see if it would work. It did, but when I connected to it it was giving this message: “Message from server: Rosetta needs 1139.85MB more disk space. You currently have 576.76 MB available and it needs 1716.61 MB.” Are there any Rosetta jobs which only need this amount of disk space, or is this a lost cause?

Update: Found a 8GB SD Card in an old tablet I am not currently using. Would still love to see an answer to this question though!

Although not scientific, several of us found that an 8GB card was pushing it for some jobs on an RPi4, so changed to 16GB. Since then concurrent jobs has been reduced to 3 (from 4) so 8GB is worth firing up.