Flashing USB drive for pi4B from ChromeBook

Evening all

I’m trying to flash a brand new unused USB drive (SANDISK 128GB extreme pro) to boot Chromium on a Pi4B using Balena Etcher from my ChromeBook but I keep getting the “Attention. Something went wrong”… dialogue

This my workflow

  1. enabled Linux on Chromebook
  2. downloaded and ran Balena Etcher 1.18.11
  3. downloaded the Chromium image chromiumos_image_r108-rpi4b.img.xz to Downloads
  4. Shared Downloads folder to Linux
  5. Enabled Linux to see and manage my USB devices
  6. Ran Etcher
  7. Selected the Chromium image from mbt/chromeos/MyFiles/Downloads
  8. Clicked Flash
  9. and fail with the “Attention…dialogue”

Any hints, questions, advice, etc all gratefully accepted.

Update : I have also asked for assistance on this matter on GitHub with more screenshots here

Hello, there is no official Etcher release for ChromeOS, so your results may vary. There is an older thread where this was discussed that may have some useful information: If I have Chrome OS How Do I Use Etcher - #10 by ThunderDemon04