Flashing Issues with Fin

Hello, I’m trying to flash my Belana Fin, but it is not recognized by my computer.

I had managed to successfully flash it, and have it posting to my resin account. Halfway through it’s updating process, it was unplugged & didn’t finish downloading the image.

When attempting to reflash, the board does not light up the 2 USB lights, and the front 3 LEDs stay a solid color, they don’t blink at all.

The board is also unrecognized by my computer. Any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks!

Hi @kdkamto - the LED behaviour you are describing sounds a lot like the Raspberry Pi CM3L is not properly inserted in the Fin, can you please check the module on the bottom side?

Thanks for the suggestion @curcuz , I replugged it in and the LEDs are blinking properly. Though it’s plugged in, it’s still not reporting to resin. I’m attempting to flash it with my Windows PC and it’s been a struggle. Any suggestions?

You can use the Raspberry Pi Foundation official solution ( https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/computemodule/cm-emmc-flashing.md )

or install the win drivers from there, then use our etcher.io

@curcuz Thanks for the help, I flashed the board properly. Now I’m waiting for it to appear on resin.

Update: it looks like the device is stuck in some sort of loop. The green LED brlinks a few times, and there is some visual output on display. Then, the display disappears, the screen goes black & it loops again

It still isn’t appearing on Resin

@kdkamto what resinOS image (version and flavour) are you trying to run on the Fin? that will help me try to reproduce


Here’s the video: https://imgur.com/K6D0QoR

I’ve just experienced a very similar issue to this. It was rebooting after approx. 2.5 seconds, after a line which read mmcblk0: p1 p2 p3 p4 < p5 p5 >. I took a look at my PSU, and noticed it was only rated to 9V x 300mA (or “Why is that even in my drawer!”), so was browning out when the Pi started doing anything serious. I replaced the PSU with a 12V x 6A I had knocking around, didn’t even re-etch the MMC, and it now boots fine and reports in.

Hi there, in case you are wondering what the power requirements are for the Fin, you can download the datasheet from here (see top right menu) https://www.balenafin.io/ - you need to provide 12.5W, so at 12V anything over 1.5A will be fine