Flash to network drive



Is it possible to flash a bootable image to a network drive using balenaEtcher?



Hi @gel10338, interesting question! I think you can only flash physical drives with Etcher.

Can you explain a bit more about your use case, when would you normally “flash” a network drive?
Also what platform are you on (Windows, OSX, Linux)? What sort of network drive you have? Windows/Samba? NFS? Something else?



Thanks for your reply!

Actually, I’m just interested in it. But let’s pretend all USB ports of my computer are broken but my router (which supports USB storage media) has a working USB port.

Platform: Windows 10
Network drive: USB flash drive (SMB)



your router would typically expose the usb-drive as samba share. That said you can only gain file access to a samba share but not write the sectors of the physical drive the share resides on directly, which is necessary to flash an image. So I guess the answer is no.