Fin v1.1 PoE hat clearance issues

The official PoE hat linked doesn’t lay flat with the board because of clearance problem with on of the two camera?? connectors.

This prevents you from mounting it securely. This is a no go for our production run unless we find a solution.

Some terrible ideas:

  1. Tear the offending connector off the board with plyers.
  2. Find a different PoE hat
  3. Run a massive custom order without the offending parts.

What does the Balena hardware team thing about these? Are there other hats?

To be clear PoE does work fine in the pictures above.

Hi @tacLog

We’ve had the same issue too; it was brought about by the fact that we tested the original version of the official PoE hat before the Pi Foundation had problems with it and revised the hardware. You’ll see in that post the hardware revision adds the components that you are now finding clash with some of those on the Fin.

The good news is that there are alternatives which we have tested and recommend instead, notably this one:

I hope this helps

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This is fantastic news.

Thank you for the response.