Feature Request: Folder Structure Copy

I just discovered BalenaEtcher and I am considering the Etcher Pro for my business. I sell products that come with SD cards that I need to put files on.

They are PDFs and empty folders mainly, but one product has a few sound files. Currently, I’ve developed a PowerShell script that waits for me to plug in an SD and copies the files to it (from a folder on disc), and then waits until I unplug and plug in a new one.

My current process is very automated, I just sit there unplugging and plugging in SD cards so the Etcher Pro has the capability to improve this.

My problem, testing out Etcher, is that it appears to be formatting everything maybe? And that is much slower, several minutes to clone an SD card with ~150MB of data on it. That includes validation.

I get that it’s designed for boot drives and such, but I would LOVE for there to be an option to copy only the directory structure (files, folders, even empty folders).

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t believe it has this capability? If this is possible, or can get worked on, it’ll be an instant purchase of the Etcher Pro for me.

Hello, thanks for your inquiry. The EtcherPro is designed to flash images and clone entire drives/cards which may work for your use case. However, several minutes seems like a long time to flash an image with only ~150MB and a few folders. How did you create the test image, and how large was it? Also, what size SD cards do you typically use?

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