Fast boot options


I’m trying to speed up the boot time of my RPi4 with BalenaOS [balenaOS 2.88.5+rev1].
Using systemd-analyze blame I see this service taking more than 15s to start :
15.377s timesync-https.service

Can I disable it? What else could I do?

Hi, that service runs after and is probably not holding it as according to [1] it barely checks that the network stack is up. And time-sync is ordered after time-set which is setting the monotonic clock, which is also needed for other services to run [2].

i would look into those dependencies see if they are the ones adding the delay.

This service was introduced to make sure that other services that require network and time to be set before running could be ordered accordingly. Even if removing it would increase the boot time, you would end up with a less reliable system.

[1] NetworkTarget
[2] systemd.special