Failed to generate deltas due to an internal error

Do these kinds of errors produce any events on the api? I sometimes get intermittent errors such as this, or errors such as 404 no such image, which are resulting from internal errors. Whenever these errors occur I always check the status api and it’s always in the green.

[Info]                   Generating image deltas from release db3145b89bffcdeea531936f2d31ed4d (id: 1432011)
[Warning]                Failed to generate deltas due to an internal error; will be generated on-demand
[Info]                   Uploading images
[Error]                  An error occured: (HTTP code 404) no such image - no such image: 20ef3e8178d9: No such image: 20ef3e8178d9:latest 
[Info]                   Built on arm03
[Error]                  Not deploying release.

This is another issue I encountered. When I created this post, I immediately ran another build. That build has been chugging along for 12 minutes and has really not gotten very far, this happens from time to time. If I stop that build (^C) and then start up another one, it will run much faster. This sometimes happens without the same error I have reported in this thread, I assume this just means that the build server is being stressed today. :grinning:

Hi, I believe not. We have this problem already on our internal issue tracker and I have attached that issue to this ticket so once there is a resolution for it, we will also update this ticket.