balena push - no such image

Increasingly frequently I am getting errors with balena push (building on balena servers) about “missing” images:

[Error]          Error:: (HTTP code 404) no such image - No such image: homeassistant/home-assistant:2022.8.7 

The images on question (such as the example) are on docker-hub. Rerunning balena push results in a complaint about another image (that does exist on docker-hub), or, if I am lucky, a build without errors.

I am building a multi-container app with some custom-built images and some (as the example above) from a registry.

Hello @ttmetro, are you still getting these “No such image” errors? It can happen when there are temporary connection issues between the builder and the Docker Hub registry but if they are ongoing we can dig deeper. Is it only homeassistant images causing these errors or have you seen them with others?

Hi @alanb128, I have not seen the error in the last two days.

Presumably a temporary network outage. I’ve seen the error for various images (e.g. also postgres), and the “offending” image changes from run-to-run.