Fail deploying versions from git

Hi everyone, currently I am developing a program which has 2 versions. I made the commit twice, the first one for the first version and the second one for the second version. Now, I am having a very weird problem: when I made a restart to the RPI2 this starts with the first version, and with the second restart this catch the second version. I would like to know what could be the cause of this problem and how does balena manage the git versions at deploying moment.

You can see all the releases of your application on the dashboard in the “Releases” page.
All devices will try to download and run the release marked as “default” there.
Unless specified via the api, the “default” release is the last one you pushed (if the build succeeded).
On the device page, you can see the “current release” (the one your device is currently running) and the “target release” (the one it should be running). They might be different while the device has not downloaded and installed the “target release”.
git has nothing to do with this. You can even push your app without using git at all with balena push.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. It was very clear!