Balena Staging throwing errors in website and from git

Hi guys, I found this strange error

Balena staging is not working from the dashboard or via remote git push

I was working with the staging environment and now it’s not responding.
I thought it was an error with my code or the application, I also tried to create a new app and it does not work either.

Same from git push balena-staging master

[Error]    An error occured: It is necessary that each device that should be managed by a release, should be managed by a release that belongs to an application that is public and is not host and has an app name that is equal to "aarch64-supervisor" or "amd64-supervisor" or "armv7hf-supervisor" or "i386-supervisor" or "i386-nlp-supervisor" or "rpi-supervisor".
[Error]    Not deploying release.
[Error]    Upstream API server/DB error:

remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/master


Hi there, the staging environment is being currently used for internal testing/troubleshooting, so it may not be in consistent state.

Thanks for the quick reply,

I’m currently using staging because the version balenaOS 2.60.1+rev6 is not available in the normal balena environment, and this version contains a fix for booting with an Arduino(Infinite reboot).

How could I use balenaOS 2.60.1+rev6 in the normal environment? does take some time before promoting the release into production.

If that is not possible, what alternative could I use?
Thanks again.

Hi, we won’t release v2.60.1 because of a bug ( It is currently being resolved and once it is merged soon afterwards a newer release should be available on staging.