Etcher won't work on MacBook Pro M1

I t looks like Etcher wont work with macOS for ARM. I tried to write an image for Raspberry Pi to a SD-Card and received the error message “Something went wrong. If it is a compressed image, please check if the archive is not corrupted”. Same happens when I try to write an ISO to an USB-Stick.
Both images are ok when I use Etcher on a Mac mini with macOS for Intel.

MacBook Pro M1, macOS 11.5.2
Mac mini Intel i5, macOS 11.5.2

log messages:

Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘/Users/det/Downloads/’
/Applications/ Tue Aug 24 2021 17:07:54 GMT+0200 (CEST) Open modal ({“name”:“warning”,“applicationSessionUuid”:“deb8611a-99a8-43b5-85b0-aee46cf5d269”,“flashingWorkflowUuid”:“221861ac-a91e-4816-b59a-36fdb007cf78”,“sample”:0.1})
/Applications/ {“stack”:“Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘/Users/det/Downloads/’”,“message”:“EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘/Users/det/Downloads/’”,“name”:“Error”,“code”:“EPERM”,“syscall”:“open”,“errno”:-1,“image”:“”}
console.(anonymous function) @ /Applications/
/Applications/ Flash results Object

Hi there @det,

Can you share which version of Etcher you’re using?

We are aware of other customers experiencing related experiences, which you can read through in this GitHub Issue, with M1 hardware, so I’d like to add your details to that thread for insight and tracking purposes.

You don’t need to do anything extra except share your details here and I can link to that thread from my side. :slight_smile:



umm, this is embarrassing … I thought I was using the latest version but this morning I’ve seen that there ist a new one (1.5.121) and this is working fine.

I’m very sorry that I posted an error report without checking if there’s a newer version available.

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Hi @det,

No problem, glad to see it is all working properly for you now :slight_smile:

I am having issues with M1 and 1.5.121 version. Whether I choose file or URL, selecting the file or entering the url link and clicking next takes me to white app screen and it stays like that forever.

Hello @aytek

Do you see any errors on the console logs? You can access those with Cmd+Option+I.