Etcher window not big enough to display all the disks

I’m trying to use BalenaEtcher 1.7.9 on macOS 12.6.1 (Monterey). I am able to select the ISO I want to burn, but when I try to select the target, the USB drive I want to use isn’t shown. The window says there are “8 found” disks, but only 5 of them are shown (one of those only partially so), and so I assume the one I want to use is down below the bottom of the window. But I can’t expand the window, nor is there any way to scroll.

Hey Mike, you don’t see a scrollbar, but that list is scrollable. let me know what happens when you use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

I don’t have a mouse with a scroll wheel. I have a track ball.

I thought maybe it was scrollable, but the arrow keys don’t seem to have any effect.

I have been able to delete the unneeded elements of the list using the developer tools, and that allows me to shorten the list until the USB drive appears so I can click on it.

FWIW, I think a lack of scroll bars is a problem, not a feature.

I tried using a mouse with a scroll wheel, and the list is not scrollable.