Etcher v1.10.2 Fails to run

Etcher for Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage) v1.10.2
Does not work on MX MX-21.2.1_x64 Wildflower Linux or for Ubuntu 22.04. Which I have both…
Balena Etcher opens to a blank screen.
Downloaded sever times same thing happens.
Could some one Please fix Etcher…?
Their is a posted bug report for Etcher version v1.10.1
not working at all.

Another recent bug in the current Etcher.
Blank screen when launching etcher #3898

Etcher is fixed Version v1.10.6 Download and Install.
Awesome Job, Well done !

Hi there,

thanks for bringing this to our attention and for sharing your experience, and for letting us know that the recent release has fixed the issue

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