Etcher pro does not show .img file on the browser.


I recently got the etcher pro and wanted to flash the image in USB Stick on micro sd-card.

I moved the source .img file in the USB stick and plugged it to the first slot on the Etcher Pro.

But the file Browser show the file in USB Stick.

I use 32GB USB Stick from Sandisk. FS is ExFAT.
the ,img file that I am trying to flash is about 8GB

Hi @KevinP,

Sorry to hear you have trouble flashing. The process you are describing sounds right but something might be wrong with the format of the USB drive or the drive itself. Can you please try moving the .img file to another USB or SD drive and check if EtcherPro can recognize it?


Hi @KevinP,

I have some updates. We did some tests and the problems seems to be the ExFAT format. The good news is that we have a fix for this that we’ll roll out on the next release, so please keep your device connected to the internet to get the latest updates. In the meantime, the workaround is to avoid using ExFAT drives if possible.

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