Etcher pro does not show .img file on the browser.


I recently got the etcher pro and wanted to flash the image in USB Stick on micro sd-card.

I moved the source .img file in the USB stick and plugged it to the first slot on the Etcher Pro.

But the file Browser show the file in USB Stick.

I use 32GB USB Stick from Sandisk. FS is ExFAT.
the ,img file that I am trying to flash is about 8GB

Hi @KevinP,

Sorry to hear you have trouble flashing. The process you are describing sounds right but something might be wrong with the format of the USB drive or the drive itself. Can you please try moving the .img file to another USB or SD drive and check if EtcherPro can recognize it?


Hi @KevinP,

I have some updates. We did some tests and the problems seems to be the ExFAT format. The good news is that we have a fix for this that we’ll roll out on the next release, so please keep your device connected to the internet to get the latest updates. In the meantime, the workaround is to avoid using ExFAT drives if possible.

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I have a similar issue with a Samsung T7 external drive that is 2TB.

The device is detected but double-tapping on the partition shows an empty screen. Copying the image to a 64GB USB stick allows me to see the image, so it’s not an issue with the file.

System UUID 982c549
Version 1.10.2

@konmouz any guidance on why the Samsung T7 drive would not have its files shown on the Etcher Pro?

@konmouz or any Balena representative:

What are the requirements for using a USB storage device as the source of an image? Are there any restrictions on size or file system?

@MParris not really. The size doesn’t play a role and we have tested most common formats without issues. Have you experienced a particular type of drive not working?

Yes, Portable SSD T7 USB 3.2 2TB. let me know if you need more details.

@MParris What format are you using? Have you tried with another drive successfully?

Yes, please see my post from a few days ago: Etcher pro does not show .img file on the browser. - #7 by MParris

The filesystem is exFAT on the Samsung T7.

Also, I don’t know if the T7 being a “USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device” type of device has any bearing, instead of it being a “USB Mass Storage Device” that most USB flash drives are.

Like I said previously, it does show up as /dev/sda1 when connected to the Etcher Pro

@MParris it’s entirely possible for the type of drive to play a role but I don’t have more specific info into this. You could try formatting the drive using another format type and see if you have any luck. Is this your drive, so we can run a test on our end?

I will try formatting as NTFS or FAT (maybe at a smaller partition size).

Here is the link to the exact one that was purchased. I believe it is the same as what you linked as well.

@MParris I’ve ordered the same drive to test. BTW, what image type are you using?

I’m using a .IMG created from dd.

A reminder, copying this same image file to a different USB flash drive and using that as the source in USB Port #1 allowed me to successfully deploy the image to a 2nd USB drive in the Etcher Pro. So I believe the IMG file is okay.

Using Windows 10 21H2, I deleted the out-of-the-box volume on the Samsung drive. I then created a volume using all available space and using NTFS. After doing this, the Balena Etcher Pro recognizes the drive and is able to see the IMG file.

To repeat what I saw earlier, I deleted the NTFS volume and replaced with an exFAT volume of the full drive size. Again, the Etcher Pro recognizes the drive but does not show the IMG file.

@MParris great, I’m glad you have a way to use your drive. Thanks for the context, I’m waiting to receive the same drive and will try to replicate on my end.

@MParris can you confirm you serial? Please send it to quoting this thread.