Etcher 1.4.9 always shows partitions

Hello, when trying to flash an SD card with the Appimage of Etcher on Linux Mint 17.3, there is no way to overwrite. the UI says, there is an partition table: Drive contains image. But I used dd to delete it.
What’s going wrong there?
Kind regards,

Hi @Gerbil66,

not really 100% sure that it covers your issue, but can you read the thread here:

There’s a bug in drivelist (bundled with Etcher), which is fixed in this PR. New Etcher release should fix it.


Hi Robert,
this could be exactly the same problem. So I’m hoping for a new release, soon (including a working repo for debian). At the moment I could only unxz the file (openhabian) and flash it with dd to the card. My first guess about the problem was, that etcher wasn’t called as root user. But I tried this some minutes ago, without a change.
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