ERROR: [TTN] Connection to server "" failed, after rebuilding gateway and setting up new ttn gateway and resin app and device


Raspberry pi 1 and ic880a gateway started throwing this error after rebuilding the gateway for a tutorial. This build was working perfect up to the time it was taking down for the tutorial. I was wondering if there is a conflict were setting up a new gateway with hardware from a previous built and working gateway would cause an issue. At the moment working gateway is deleted from ttn and the resin app and device were also deleted and reset up from scratch with no joy. i dont know what to try next hoping someone else has encountered this problem aswell and can help me out.

thx in advance

solved using the this link on ttn forum:

a update to the github code ( jpmeijers )has been implemented.


Thanks for sharing with the community the solution that fixed your issue :+1: