Error: Project type resolution could not be performed

I’m getting this error when pushing to my Resin application:

[Info]     Building on 'local'
[Info]     Pulling old image for caching purposes
[Error]    Project type resolution could not be performed, please add one of the following:
[Error]    	Dockerfile
[Error]    	Dockerfile.template
[Error]    	package.json
[Error]    Could not determine the project type

I’m pushing with git push -f resin HEAD:master.

The project clearly has a Dockerfile which have been tested working several times before.

I assume you have one of those files. Are you using OSX by any chance?

Yes, I have the Dockerfile, and yes, I’m using OSX

Ok, so there is an issue with the OSX filesystem. Because it is not case sensitive it will not recognize the fact that you might have renamed ‘dockerfile’ to ‘Dockerfile’. To fix this simple delete your Dockerfile and then recreate it.

Thanks for the help Telphan. It turned out it was actually a silly Git mistake on my part, there was no ‘Dockerfile’ exposed in this case.

Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: