element write error: Operation not permitted

I set up a NUC for the first time tonight.
I’m getting a series of errors:

I’ve disabled multiroom client just for troubleshooting and I still get spotify errors.

[2023-07-20T01:08:15Z WARN libmdns::fsm] couldn’t parse packet from class 1440 is invalid

I’m using the recommended build.

Any help to point me where to look would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @procrastination first of all, welcome to the balena community.

Could you please confirm what application are you deploying? Thanks

Thank you. This appears to be a very welcoming community. I did some search but there doesn’t appear to be much help on the NUC. I wonder if it’s model specific?

As for the software I’m installing I don’t know the answer. Hopefully this image can help?


I thought the answer is balena but maybe that’s something different.

My goal is to install software on my NUC that will allow me to cast to it from Spotify. I’d like to be able to rename the thing that shows up in the spotify list so my wife and kids can understand. I’d like to be able to cast it to multiple rooms and have it stay synchronized.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi, did you ever manage to get this fixed ? I have the same issue