Can you have an image with offline pre-installed docker applications



I’d like to provision devices with pre-installed docker containers that can provide a web interface to configure wifi on devices and allow for customer registration that will be shipped to customers where there is unknown wifi environments. Is this possible with BalenaOS?


Hi cshuman,

We have a project that fits exactly this purpose



I found that and I’ll definitely look at using that instead of trying to build my own. I was more specifically asking if there was a way to pre-load docker applications off-line like balena’s wifi-connect container baked on top of balenaOS so my device would start running as an AP and then once connected to the internet get connected to balena Cloud with additional applications. Like an offline mode. If there is no internet connection, then run these pre-loaded containers.


Hi @cshuman

You can preload images with application containers using our balena CLI.

Here is an explanation on how to do it: