Does use Amazon AWS for something?

Hello, lists * and * as domains that should be whitelisted in a firewall.

We are seeing traffic to Amazon AWS in addition to these - does use AWS for something, or should we look elsewhere for the source of traffic?


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Yes, we use AWS for some of our services. I will pass your question to our DevOps team and they will give you more details about this.


thanks! Would it be possible to get an updated, comprehensive list of all outbound domains that need to be whitelisted?

Any news on this?

Hey @timo,

There shouldn’t be any direct communication with aws servers from a resin device. Can you send us more details about the traffic you are seeing so we can debug this further?


the is routed to Amazon -servers. See attached image of the network traffic:

I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question. As you mentioned in your post, we connect to * and * from the device. * includes, which is our VPN endpoint. Devices connect to that endpoint to enable 2-way communication, and features like the web terminal. Additionally, devices will contact various other * domains, such as to pull down Docker images when performing updates.

I hope that answers your question.

All of our services are hosted on AWS, so all hostnames will resolve to AWS resources.