DNS server setup

Hello i try to setup a DNS server on my rpi who has a an angular server too
i want to acces to my angular server without having to use the ip but a domain name
i work on local network without internet acces

thx for your ideas !!!

Hello @thomiyi did you try to run the hostname block to set a hostname on your local network? GitHub - maggie0002/balena-tiny-hostname: Set the hostname on Balena devices

On the angular server, this is not angular (i guess) but maybe you can get inspired → GitHub - maggie0002/balena-device-ui: A UI for Balena devices.

There is also an MDNS block by @nucleardreamer that may be helpful: balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, apps, and blocks for edge devices. Usually though you can access your device as yourhostname.local on the local network by default. But the hostname blocks are useful for changing yourhostname to something else.