Display builder logs in the dashboard, split by service

Hi, I don’t know if there’s a technical reason this is not available, but it would be great to have access to the balena builder logs from the Releases view on the dashboard. Currently it only shows the status.

Also, for multi-container apps it would be immensely useful to have the logs filtered by service / container.

The main use case for this is that we are using the builder to build and release a large multi-container project to a test app. Mostly because running the build on balenaCloud is a lot faster than doing the build locally on a device, and AFAIK there’s no way to deploy to a local device after running the build on a local powerful PC. However, the only place where we can access logs from a build is locally on the machine that triggered it. For the whole team to access these logs, it would require to develop an in-house system for storing and ideally parsing the logs (the logs for different, parallel container builds are intertwined in the output so it’s a bit painful to just read the log without any post-processing)

Hi there!

I am not sure if we are on the same page, but if you go to the “Releases” page and select the release of interest, you can see the build logs per service in the right side bottom terminal window. You can then download them from then afterwards per service, as you probably want it. What we currently don’t have is the general build logs that you see in the terminal, but are not related to a particular service. In fact, this is something I am currently working on, so you will also be able to see the general build logs as well in the near future.

Let me know if I understood you correctly and this is what you were looking for. If this is in fact what you wanted, I am curious why you have missed it, so maybe we can improve our discoverability. Any further details would be great!

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Ha, that’s interesting. Indeed, the exact functionality is there and I quite like it. Why I missed it is that apparently the logs didn’t get picked up for two of my initial releases. Must be something about how far the build went or similar. But in general, for those two releases, the Services section doesn’t show up, and same for the logs window. That’s why I was confused, since I haven’t used the view before and haven’t seen a release where the service logs were actually being displayed. What I am sure of is that at least one of the releases I ran had enough output from the builder to warrant actually displaying the logs. Not sure why it only shows up for the more recent releases I just ran.

If you can, feel free to check the logs or get in touch by email if you need to know more details to identify which releases I am referring to.