Disk space requirements?

How much disk space is required to install BalenaOS? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I have stack of low cost PCs with 2GB SSD (yes, really 2GB) that are now running Porteus Kiosk but BalenaOS looks like much better choice. Main issue is small disk and bigger disk costs more than the PC itself.

I tried to install BalenaOS but it got stuck. I would like to check if it is because of disk space (no error message) before I start trying more things.

Thank you

Hey @souki - welcome to the forums.
If you got to balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices and download / unzip the latest Generic x86_x64 zip file you will find that an image file is contained which is 4 GB in size. This file is flashed to the e.g. HDD or SSD, meaning you will need at least 4 GB of space. I guess it could be a bit more, if the file is extending on first boot, so I would go for at least 8 GB (more would be better) of space depending on your usecase (you also want to use it and the image files also need space :))

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Thank you! I will try to find some cheap mSATA disks on eBay :slight_smile:

it’s okay I can buy 64 GB SSD ?

I think my work is done in 64gb space of ssd

64 GB should be plenty if your images are not including big video files or similar