DISK: DANGER: BTRFS filesystem not mounted at /var/lib/balena!?


I am running Diagnostic Tool in BalenaOS64 for Raspberry pi 3 (BETA version) and it giving me the following error DISK: DANGER: BTRFS filesystem not mounted at /var/lib/balena.

Any idea what it is or what effects it has on the system?

You can view the the whole diagnostic txt for reference here

Hi, @odyslam, that’s nothing to worry about! Some of the diagnostics we have in that page is still focusing on the OS 1.x versions, and that’s a leftover from that era. We are updating the listed tests, and removing the legacy tests that don’t make any sense for the latest OS versions. The tests and information should be updated and more helpful soon! (Part of the feature being experimental is that we continuously find things to improve on:)

Thanks @imrehg,

It’s a super helpful tool, especially when you don’t really know what you are looking for so you want to run a batch of tests for a wide spectrum of problems.


Indeed @odyslam that’s the reason we made it! :slight_smile: And have a lot of ideas for improving it further, if you have suggestions yourself (things to check or measure, or tools that would help you debug issues easier), please let us know!