Device stack in invalid state

After restarting, device services stack on stopping state. Unable to restart or reboot or anything cause of operation time out error.

Host OS Version
Resin OS 2.15.1+rev2

Supervisor 7.16.6
Rpi Zero w

Hello @stpaulis
Can you please provide us the device url and allow support access to it ?

I have replied to you in personal message,
Thank you

Hi @stpaulis,
we have looked at your device and found traces of Kernel oops. A kernel oops could be caused by failure in low level software or in hardware or could be a kernel bug. The outcome is usually a unstable system which your are experiencing. Unfortunately it looks as if the state of the system has further degraded since my colleges looked at it as I am not able to establish a ssh connection.
I think the device will need to be restarted and then monitored closely to see if the problem is still present.
There are two possible strategies we could try to reboot the device. One would be to try to ssh into the device using another device in the same network. The other would be to change a device setting like persistent logging, which would lead to the supervisor rebooting the device if it is still able to pick up the change.

Thanx for the reply Samothx.

It’s impossible to have local access to this device unfortunately,
I tried to change the persistent logging configuration and to change some of the D(env) but supervisor didn’t seem to take the chance.

Do we have any other option? Or should I have to go there and manually hard reset the device?

Hey @stpaulis,

Don’t you have another working device running BalenaOS in the same network with the broken device?

If you do, we could try to access the broken device using the working device as a gateway.

For this we would need: working device granted support access, long UUID of working device and long UUID of broken device.

I can see you already provided us with the UUID of the broken device.


As I already mentioned, I don’t have any access to the broken device.
I guess, I have to go there and manually reboot the device.

Hi @StPAulis,

You say that you don’t have access to the broken device and I understand.

But you didn’t say if you have another working device running BalenaOS in the same network with the broken device. This working device could help us gain control of the broken device, if the broken device is still connected to the network.

If you don’t have a working device in the same network then manually rebooting the broken device is your only option.