Request error: tunneling socket


I cannot neither restart application nor reboot remotely device

I get the following message:

Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=socket hang up

but it seems that the device is online.
Is it possible to restart it remotely?


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similar problem here. Device is online for 24 hours now. reboot over ssh is possible but not helping, resin shows no logs and no interactions over the resin interface are possible. the device has got storage and cpu is low. (the containers seem not to run)

We’ve had success SSHing into the host OS and running “shutdown -r now” to reboot.

We’ve been getting this error more and more, about to make a new topic about it.

I just encountered this. Why is this happening? Is there a suggested fix?
I can pull the plug on my development device, but when this happens on a production machine … no no no

Hi @electrobusch we continued investigating this issue in another thread Stuck devices - "tunneling socket could not be established: cause=socket hang up"
We noticed several symptoms on the device which seemed to point to an SD card corruption but its unclear if that really was the root cause.
If you are up for it, we could have a look at the device that is exhibiting these issues. For that we need the device UUID and support access to be enabled.