Device showing old commit ID after moving to a different application

Hi everyone,

I’m currently testing the possibility of changing the running application on an existing device (while using OpenBalena as device manager).

Let’s say I have two applications – app_A and app_B – and my device is running app_A.
If I try to move it to app_B using the balena CLI (i.e. by using balena device move <device_uuid>) everything seems to work fine, since I can access the services exposed by app_B.

However, while checking the device info (i.e. by using balena device <device_uuid>) after the application switch, I noticed that the commit ID does not seem to update accordingly.
In fact, the output from the aforementioned command gives me something like:

COMMIT: <latest-app_A-commit>

I also tried to edit app_B containers in order to be able to deploy newer versions of app_B to my device, but that led me to the same result (i.e. device runs the latest version of app_B, but commit ID still refers to the latest version of app_A).

Interestingly, moving back to app_A by following the same procedure (i.e. balena device move <device_uuid>) and then deploying a newer version of app_A to the device seems to correcly update the commit ID.

Am I missing something about the “move” procedure between two applications? How can I make the commit ID change to its correct value whenever I switch to app_B?

Here’s some details about my current setup:

Balena CLI version: 12.44.10
OpenBalena version: 3.2.1
Device OS version: 2.71.5+rev6
Device supervisor version: 12.6.2

Please feel free to ask for further details about my Balena setup if needed.